Chinthurst School Logo

Preparing individuals for whatever they choose to do in life

  • Chinthurst seeks to treat every member of its family as unique and equally valuable.
  • The ethos challenges selfishness and teaches:

         1. consideration for others
         2. traditional values
         3. respect for the Community
  • Through the curriculum, the timetable and the tutor system, teaching staff are committed to providing the opportunity and stimulus for academic achievement.
  • A hands-on and varied approach to the curriculum ensures that all pupils have the  opportunity to learn and to succeed.
  • We are committed to the development of sport, music, drama and art.
  • We encourage independent thinking and the self-confidence to constantly challenge
  • Our core purpose is to prepare pupils to transfer to their Senior Schools at 13. However, we do have a small amount of leavers at 11+, and pupils are prepared for entrance examinations at this time.

Leading from the front

Our Aims are :

  • To enhance our reputation as a school with traditional values but a modern approach to teaching.
  • Small class sizes which allow for individual teaching and facilitate differentiation.
  • Frequent review and updating of the Curriculum and Resources.
  • Appropriate professional development and training for staff.
  • Involvement of staff in matters relating to the management of the school.
  • Encouragement of sporting and extra-curricular activities and a system of merit badges and awards.
  • To ensure that the Governance structure remains in place to maintain Chinthurst’s financial well being and keeping in compliance with its charitable status.
  • We are determined to produce well-rounded individuals who are appropriately equipped for the next stage of their lives.





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