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The Quality of Pastoral Care, and the Welfare, Health and Safety of Pupils

Independent Schools' Inspectorate Report 2009

Pastoral care is good, with some outstanding features. The pastoral system throughout the school, including in the EYFS, successfully ensures the development of cheerful, courteous, confident and well-behaved pupils, thereby fulfilling the school's aim of being happy and well ordered. Outstanding relationships exist between the staff and pupils, and amongst the pupils themselves. Pastoral arrangements are good. These provide for class teachers and, for older pupils, form tutors, to spend time each day with their charges at registration and daily reading sessions. Good support and guidance are thereby provided for pupils, especially at these scheduled times, as they afford ample opportunity for the furthering of meaningful relationships. Pupils know they have adults to turn to for advice or support. Broader guidance is offered through assemblies and the weekly church services.

The outstanding relationships between staff and pupils are a strength of the school. Inclusive teaching and exceptional encouragement of individual performance foster these relationships, and good humour is prevalent throughout. Relationships are reinforced by thoughtful timetabling that ensures that all tutors teach their own tutor group for at least one subject. As a result, pupils are eager to be involved in learning, and comfortably share information with staff. An open and happy atmosphere exists within the school.

Effective policies promote good behaviour and guard against harassment and bullying, as well as defining sanctions for any unacceptable behaviour. Pupils recognise these sanctions as fair although most are rarely used, due to the culture of good manners and consideration for others, a culture to which both pupils and staff enthusiastically subscribe.

The school's child protection policy and other safeguarding measures contain detailed provision for boys' protection and security. The policies are well known and staff feel confident in their operation. Admission and attendance registers are maintained efficiently and kept up to date.

Medical arrangements, including those for sick pupils, are managed well by the school office staff, all of whom are qualified in first aid. Pupils who are unwell are looked after with care until their parents are able to collect them.

At Chinthurst pre preparatory our excellent pastoral care ensures that each new child quickly feels part of the school. Our pastoral care is centred around your child's teacher who will look after the all-round academic, social and pastoral well-being of your child. With a high teacher-to-pupil ratio, our dedicated and caring staff are able to ensure that the classroom provides a happy, safe and exciting learning environment whilst ensuring that your child's individual needs are met.

The class teacher is the first point of contact for parents and guardians and our 'Open Door' policy means that parents are able to discuss any aspect of care or day-to-day issues with the class teacher as necessary at all convenient times, ensuring that we are aware of any needs or concerns, no matter how small.

Pastoral care is not limited to class teachers, as all teachers know the pupils in the school and take a pastoral interest in their happiness and progress. We believe each child is a valued and unique member of the community and that we are partners in your child's care and development.

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